Technical Support Unit for European Programmes (UTAPE) of the FIIBAP.

Madrid Region has the second best Health System in the European Union, according to the European Commission’s latest Regional Competitiveness Index. Madrid Region Health System (SERMAS) assures the adequate coverage of more than 6.5 million inhabitants of the region, including the capital, the third biggest city in the EU.

It is the will of the Regional Government of the Community of Madrid to promote the internationalisation of research, development and innovation (R+D+i) and to increase the rate of return, deploying a series of actions among which the creation of the Technical Support Unit for European Programmes (UTAPE) in 2017 stands out.

Its main objective is to promote the participation of the Regional Health Government, Biomedical Research Foundations and Health Research Institutes in European Programmes linked to the health sector, especially by promoting the participation of scientists from the Community of Madrid in multinational Research and Innovation projects.

The Unit was created through a formal Agreement of Collaboration between Vice-Presidency, Presidency and Spokesperson Regional Government, the Health Regional Government and the FIIBAP.
The UTAPE (in Spanish “European Programmes Technical Support Unit) has been created through a collaboration agreement, within the Community of Madrid, between the Board of the Presidency, Justice and Spokesperson of the Government, the Board of Health and the Foundation for Primary Care Biomedical Research and Innovation (FIIBAP). The aim of UTAPE is to support the research institutes/foundations and the researchers of the Regional Board of Health with the Horizon 2020 programmes and other calls for European projects.
UTAPE improves the rate of return in European Health Research programmes.

Participating in EIT Health 2017 obtained very positive results, in total €350.000 of funding. In 2018, 691.831€ were obtained, of which 298.940€ was due to the intervention of the Technical Support Unit for European Programmes (UTAPE).

In H2020 projects, three million euros were obtained in 2017 in five granted projects and in 2018, six million euros in three granted projects, without yet knowing what will be obtained from what was requested during 2018 for 2019; UTAPE has participated or is participating in 2018 calls for proposals in the presentation of 18 proposals, which are added to those requested by other SERMAS Units.

New working day with the managers of international health research programmes. .

With the aim of identifying barriers and difficulties in international project proposals and management and improving efficiency in the preparation and management of Horizon 2020 projects, a new Workshop with the Managers of International Health Research Programmes in the Community of Madrid will be held on November 23th.

The event, organised by the General Vice-directorate for Health Research of the Regional Board of Health and the Foundation for Primary Care Biomedical Research and Innovation (FIIBAP), is aimed at international project managers from the Research Foundations dependent on SERMAS. The Sollube Building (Plaza Carlos Trías Bertrán, 7) will host the conference, for which attendance must be confirmed at

The Map of R&D Capacities of the Community of Madrid is being developed.

Last March, the FIIBAP (Foundation for Primary Care Biomedical Research and Innovation) signed a contract with the consultancy firm SILO (Science & Innovation Link Office) to carry out the identification of the capacities and R&D potential of the Regional Board of Health of the Community of Madrid within the framework of European and International research projects. The contract was accompanied by a Confidentiality Agreement in order to regulate the exchange of confidential information between both parties, in accordance with the recent Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

The Mapping is being carried out at a good pace: delivery of the final report is scheduled for mid-November, one month before the expiry date of the contract agreed for 15 December. The results of this Capability Mapping will serve to complete the Mapping of Health R&D Actions within the framework of the European and International Research Programmes.

What services does the technical unit support for European FIIBAP programmes offer?

    • Promotion of the participation in European and international calls health related in Madrid region.
    • Promotion of the collaboration between interested agents of Madrid region.
    • Map of European calls connected with the health sector of the community of Madrid: Personalized medicine, healthy lifestyles, active ageing, antimicrobial resistance, ICT health, safety.
    • Assessment and refinement of scope of proposal ideas for international calls.
    • Support when building an International consortium.
    • Support on the elaboration of proposals for European and international calls.
    • Review of proposals, including edit-proof and translation of texts into English.
    • Management of ongoing international projects.
    • Training on proposal preparation and management of European projects.
    • Services connecting health-related organizations of Madrid region.
    • Information and dissemination of news related to international projects: calls, news of relevant projects and news of events.
    • Expert consultation processes to define health research and innovation priorities for the Madrid region.
    • Reports on the participation of the Madrid region in international projects.
    • Map of prospective capabilities in Madrid region (coming soon).
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